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Committed to improving the lives of our clients, we design personalized strategies to address each client’s individual goals and objectives. We then provide financial education and ongoing guidance to help our clients confidently implement these strategies.

At Evangelista & Associates, we provide assistance in the following areas:

Retirement Planning

Whether you are planning to retire early or hoping to work as long as possible, we help plan for the future. For many of our clients, this entails a plan to pursue Financial Independence—the goal at which you have the freedom to continue working if you still love your work or stop working on your own terms.

Investment Management

At Evangelista & Associates, we take a fiduciary approach to our investment management process. We work with our clients to develop portfolios appropriate for their personal situation, stated goals, and feelings relating to investing. Our investment management style allows our clients to focus on their careers and families with the goal of without having to worry about the day-to-day movement in the markets.

College Planning

Given the rapidly rising costs of college education, we assist many of our clients with developing and implementing plans to fund their children’s education. This includes determining the amount that needs to be saved as well as the savings vehicles to utilize for each individual family.

Tax Planning

Whether you are just starting your career or heading into retirement, tax planning can often be essential. While tax professionals are often seeking to make this year’s tax return look the best, we are focusing to optimize our client’s taxable situation for the next 30+ years.

Protection Planning

Over time, all our individual needs for insurance will change. We help our clients assess the insurance protections they may need today and stay on top of adjustments that need to be made over time. For our non-retired clients, we make it a priority to become versed on their benefits packages through their employers, so we can assist in managing their benefits elections.